JDHR has published a book by Dr Abid Suleri, on “Social Dimensions of Globalization- the case of Pakistan” The book is of international standard and quality and has jointly been published by JDHR and NCCR, North-South Development Study Group, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Case Studies
Water DRP
Media and Development
Child Pornography
The paths toward freedom
Advertisement script writing
Corruption and Forensic Accounting
Money laundering
What Matters: Blogs and Their Impact on Society
Broadcast Script Writing I
Broadcast Script Writing II
Budget! Trickle Down?
Change and Communication: You Can’t Have One Without The Other
Western Europe and Northamerica (chapter 18)
Communicating with the public (Chapter 7)
Concluding comments of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
Courageous Communication
Influencing the Management & Governance of Aid Multi-Stakeholder Workshop – Guidance Note Strategy
Transformation of the aid agenda
The Aid Juggernaut – can it be made to take a different path
Making Aid Relevant – Critical Issues for aid architecture and agenda, 2005-2010
Usage of International Funding/Aid
International Aid Agenda
Headline Writing Skills
Features of Print and Electronic Media
Impact of Yellow Journalism on Society
Information and the media (Chapter 6)
Interview Journalism
Journalism and Yellow Journalism
Journalism’s Identity Crisis
Journalism in the Era of the Web
Journalism Various Kinds
New Media in the Muslim World
Media Tips for Aid Agencies
Media, Disaster Relief and Images of the Developing World: Strategies for Rapid, Accurate, and Effective Coverage of Complex Stories From Around the Globe
Young Muslims and Muslim Media in Britain1
PANOs Media Toolkit on PRSPs – NO.2
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
The Role of Media in Democracy: A Strategic Approach
Preparing for Emergencies
The Public’s Right to Know
Purposes, Functions and Obligations of Journalism
Role of Media in Promoting Good Governance
Scholastic Journalism Week Sponsored by the Journalism Education Association
The State of the World’s Children 2004 – Girls, Education and Development
Standards for Journalism Educators
Tips on Preparing a Press Release
Training Workshop for Journalists based in Tribal Areas What makes news and how to structure a news story?
Women and Water
Yellow Journalism
Report on the National Youth Forum on “Adolescents Right to Protection against HIV/AIDS
Gender and Citizenship
Glossary on macroeconomics from a gender perspective
IFTIs and Freedom of Information
The South Asian Interfaith Pledge on Children, Young People and Hiv/Aids: Prevention, Care and Compassion
Journalism in Pakistan
Media and Civil Society – Working together towards Social Conscience Raising
Seminar on Imigration Issues
The Social Dimension of Globalization – A Critical Assessment by Civil Society
Pakistan chapter of anti trafficking network formed: ATSEC to ensure protection of women, children against trafficking
Globalization in evitable but we need to take pro-people stand while negotiating trade terms
End of political interference, increase in number of forest guards to help protect forests
Reporting, editing skills strengthen professionalism in media
Workshop on improving reporting and editing skills concluded
Training Reports
Brief on Completion of Work (3 Media trainings) from Small Grants Program
Professional trainings for Media persons in Sindh province
Trade Initiatives from Human Development Perspective (TIHP) Multan
Trade Initiatives from Human Development Perspective (TIHP) Islamabad
Trade Initiatives from Human Development Perspective (TIHP) Karachi
Trade Initiatives from Human Development Perspective (TIHP) Peshawar
Trade Initiatives from Human Development Perspective (TIHP) Lahore
Report on Cluster training workshops for journalists
One Day Awareness Raising and Advocacy Seminar with Media on “Child Domestic Work”
Child Domestic Work and Domestic Work and Media Activism Media Activism- Right based approach Right based approach reduces vulnerability reduces vulnerability