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• JDHR being a research partner of the National Centre for Competence in Research (NCCR) North South, Switzerland conducted research surveys to support a PhD level, three Master’s level studies. It conducted a livelihood survey in NWFP. Forestry sector has been focus of research with different livelihood approaches. The PhD research topic is “Analysis of Institution Changes in Forest Management and its Impact on Rural Livelihoods in NWFP, Pakistan”. Master’s level study focused on “Livelihood Survey in the Highland-Lowland Context of the NWFP, Pakistan.
• Conducted a research on influence of media on policy making in forestry sector with the support of NCCR Switzerland.
• JDHR led in Punjab a lead research work on trafficking of women and children initiated by Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid (LHRLA). JDHR has contributed research papers and policy positions on human trafficking and migration and presented them at national and regional level conferences. It has also conducted sessions with media on human trafficking and migration related issues.
• Conducted a field based study on “Child Birth Registration-Post Devolution Plan”
• Conducted a research study on best practices on child labour published in London
• Conducted a research on “Construction of Taliban Image in Pakistan: Discourse Analysis of Editorials of Dawn and The News- Paper” published by London School of Economics, London,
• Contributed dozens of research based articles published in leading English dailies on gender related issues, development discourses and human rights.
• Conducted a research study on “Media Analysis of Women’s Participation in Politics” under a project of AWAZ/SDPI with the support of DFID.