Governor Punjab welcomes JDHR delegation at the Governor’s House

Governor Punjab welcomes JDHR delegation at the Governor’s House and offer his support for the cause of interfaith harmony and tolerance in society

A delegation of JDHR comprising 22 members including religious leaders from Muslim, Christian and Hindu communities, lawyers, journalists, civil society actors and elected representatives from various union councils of Multan called on the Governor of Punjab Muhammad Rafiq Rajwana on 10th September 2017 at the Governor’s House in Lahore.

At the start of the meeting, a senior JDHR leader and journalist from Multan Mr Mazhar Javed, briefed the Governor on JDHR’s country wide work on promotion of Interfaith harmony, countering violent extremism, building peace, strengthening democracy and human rights perspective. He told the Governor that the members of JDHR DOF from Multan came to Lahore for project orientation and planning sessions to contribute towards Interfaith harmony. He said JDHR is going to organize two seminars on International Day of Peace on 21st September and another seminar on 25th September on promoting Interfaith harmony for prosperity. He invited the honourable Governor to attend one of these seminars if you can spare some time.

Speaking to the delegation, the Governor Mr Muhammad Rafiq Rajwan appreciated the JDHR’s diverse work on democratic development, promotion of respect for human rights and importance of interfaith harmony. The honourable Governor said that JDHR is playing a role of an anchor by providing a platform to all segments of society including Ulema, minority people, and journalists. He said that there is time now that we all work for promotion of interfaith harmony and tolerance so that all people of Pakistan being equal citizens play their role for infrastructural and economic development.

“I am happy to know that this diverse group under JDHR has been working for a noble cause of bringing peace and tolerance in our society which is a need of the hour. Peace, tolerance and interfaith harmony are pre-requisite for development of the country. This objective could only be achieved by serving all citizens without any discrimination,” said the Governor Punjab.

The Governor Punjab offered his support and blessings for JDHR to carry forward the agenda of peace, tolerance and interfaith harmony and promotion of a democratic discourse in the country. He lauded that leaders from all religions and media are working together to achieve the goal of peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

The print and electronic media gave a befitting coverage to this meeting. Since electronic media covered the news of meeting in their news bulletins which cannot be captured off the air. However, we will try to get the recording. However, we are attaching newspaper clippings and the online links.
News stories and pictures published in Urdu media on JDHR Multan’s delegation meeting with the Governor of Punjab, Malik Rafiq Rajwana at the Governor’s House in Lahore on 10th of September after close of 2-day orientation and planning sessions.

Crux of Governor’s published statement issues by his staff.

The Governor Punjab in his statement called for promotion of the culture of tolerance and interfaith harmony if we want to achieve economic growth. He said that every one of us has to work to work without discriminating any other. He said serving humanity should be our real goal instead of amassing power.

However, in the meeting, the Governor appreciated the work of Journalists for Democracy and Human Rights (JDHR) on building interfaith harmony and democratic development and upholding of human rights. (More details in JDHR’s report)

1. Link of News story published in Daily Jang Lahore, Dated 10th September 17

⦁ Link of News story published in Daily Express Lahore, Page 2, 11th September 2017