National Conference on Right to Food

Food prices inflation: empty plates on rise risking 30m more to tally of poor Provinces need to make laws to ensure food for those who cannot afford to buy

Food rights campaigners Wednesday warned all provincial governments against food price inflation risking increase in empty plates amid fears of adding 30 million more to the tally of those living below poverty line.

“Act now to protect hungry and the poor from food insecurity, food vulnerability, land grabbing, denial of women’s right to land as it has a deep structural nexus with food security. The provinces should legislate to protect right of the people to food and acknowledge women working in fields as farmers,” said the participants of the conference. They called upon the governments that these laws must ensure that food reaches to every one who cannot afford to buy it from the market and do not let the market forces increase the prices of food for corporate greed. State is to check market excesses.
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